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We are passionate about helping you obtain a marriage visa for your loved one. Doing the immigration process by yourself is confusing, overwhelming, and can cause your case to be denied or cost you long delays if you make a mistake. If you file without a lawyer you may not know what forms to use, what evidence to provide, how to submit and where to submit.

There are so many forms and the instructions are long and difficult to understand. You could search for legal advice online but you may be getting the wrong advice since most giving advice are not attorneys. Moreover, if you submit insufficient evidence, Immigration could deny your application or send you a Request for Additional Evidence greatly delaying your case.


If your case is denied, you will losing thousands in filing fees and a year of waiting. Get peace of mind knowing that your husband or wife's case is in good hands.


Proving to USCIS that you have a bona fide marriage can be quite difficult. Rely on our expertise!

We will clearly explain the process and advise you on what would be the strongest evidence for your case. It is important to hire a licensed attorney who is familiar with the changing immigration laws and regulations. Plummer Legal makes it easy for you to send information by mail or electronically. We offer fixed prices and payment plans. You will have peace of mind knowing that you saved time, money, and delays.


 At Plummer Legal, LLC we help our clients find their American Dream. We have the knowledge and experience to make your goals a reality. Find out today why our clients consistently recommend our services to family and friends. For your free consultation, call (240) 206-8287.

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